Monday, 18 October 2010

The day I used the internet...

My internet is down at home so I've had to come in University to use a computer. Unfortunately that means the secret I had planned to upload a few days ago will have to wait. Here is my favourite postsecret though:

I love reading true crime books and one of my favourite areas to read about is school shootings. As someone who wants to be a primary school teacher I find it particularly interesting as it tells us a great deal about the power of bullies. It is something that doesn't really happen in this country (mostly due to strict gun regulations) but I'm sure everyone has either been a bully of suffered at the hands of bullies at some point in their school career. This postsecret spoke to me for that very reason, can you relate to it in the same way? I got the job I mentioned last time I posted - I start at some point later this week so that is pretty exciting. The job is at a cinema which means I'll get to see early screenings of films that are coming out - the new Harry Potter film to be exact. I've actually never seen a Harry Potter film just to further infuriate any fans out there, but I'll let you know what I think. Enjoy!

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