Sunday, 9 May 2010

The day I unpacked...

Here are my favourite secrets from this week - let me know which is your favourite too. My mother is not overprotective and I think that has played a massive role in the person I am today. Although it can be wonderful to have protective parents I think by not being protective my parents have allowed me to make my own mistakes and become a stronger person because of that. The second secret reminds me a little of one of my own secrets: 'Turning into her could be a great thing'. The older I get the more I realise that becoming my mother is really something wonderful. Enjoy!


  1. cute blog!

    awww how sweet!
    I am now a follower!
    follow me too yeah?


  2. Aw, lovely. I could have SWORN I saw you walking under the Bridge of Sighs today but I didn't want to run up in case it wasn't, and I thought you were poorly anyway - was it you? About 5pm? Anyway, hope you get better soon!


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