Sunday, 16 May 2010

The day I cooked for Anna...

This is my 300th secret - not too far off a year now! It is so nice to look back over all the secrets I have made and to remember what I was thinking and feeling at the time. This secret represents an important new transition in my life and therefore will always be important to me. It is particularly nice that it also happens to be the 300th. I don't have anything planned for number 300 but I thought I would tell you a little secret. Before I left Oxford I decided to make some secrets and deposit them in book stores, libraries and places that were important to me. It was such a nice farewell to a city that has treated me so well. I hope someone finds those secrets and can relate them to events in their own life. Thank you so much for following/reading/looking at my blog over the past however many months. It means a great deal to me that family, friends and strangers alike can get something from my little project. I hope you had a great weekend, enjoy!

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