Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The day that Tesco were rubbish...

I spent most of today sorting stuff out and generally doing not much. Tonight I may have to order some books - yes, more books. I recently showed a few people my real secrets (in the book I may have mentioned previously) and was told that it would be nice to know how they are made. So...this secret started with an idea for what I wanted to write and a desire to use my red lipstick which I never quite have the guts to really wear. So the background is brown parcel paper glued onto a postcard sized piece of card. The red design going up along the side started as a piece of card that I coloured in red and the pattern sort of emerged from there. I quite like the art deco (ish) style of the design. I then slapped on the red lipstick (yes...that is a print of my lips). I then used a fine liner to finish off the lips and the writing and to draw on the speech bubble. I hope this doesn't spoil the illusion - I always used to hate those stupid magician reveals all type programs, then again what I do isn't really magic. Very long post today - anyway, Enjoy!

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