Sunday, 9 August 2009

The day the plan came to fruition...

I have chosen two postsecrets today as I thought this week was a particularly good one - check it out at The first secret has much to do with some things I have been considering lately, and in particular a conversation I had recently (although it should probably read 'I am going to give you everything I had growing up'). The second postsecret struck me as so beautiful (on the back: A secret is a grave). It is the one I have chosen to have as my background on my laptop - the words also struck me as strikingly similar to my favourite poem: Philip Larkin's 'Deceptions' from the collection 'The Less Deceived'. I hope you enjoy my choices but I urge you to visit postsecret and make your own. Look forward to my new AI tomorrow as I spent a long time agonising over how to make it look perfect. For now though, Enjoy!

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