Monday, 24 August 2009

The day I ate cupcakes in the park...

This is my AI for today. I am currently sitting in bed (amidst a mess of craft items) drinking tea and watching 'Come Dine With Me'. I suggest you do the same. This secret was made by using a combination of black quink ink and bleach, it is a really easy but quite lovely technique I think. The letters are from a packet of stickers, which I cut around and then coloured in the same way as the background. Enjoy!

This is a poem by Maura Dooley called 'Gone' which I meant to post with my secret yesterday:

You were only a bag of soft stuff

but I imagined you like a nut,

your brain beginning to pack itself

around the kernel that was me.

My limpet, my leech,

my little sucker-in of blood.

Gone. Sometimes I think we know

of nothing else, lost loves, lost lives,

the hopeless benediction of rain.

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