Sunday, 30 August 2009

The day I finally read postsecret...

I have chosen two postsecrets today to show you. There were quite a few that stood out to me. The second secret here is the one I have chosen as my background - it will hopefully make me push hard to achieve what I want, because I agree with the sentiment of the secret that the sweetest things in life are the things you work hard for. The secret at the top first of all made me laugh and then made me incredibly sad. I am so very glad I didn't need to 'fuck' anyone to get into Oxford - although I doubt I would have resorted to that (...and the majority of my interviewers were women). However, the idea that someone out there wants what I have so very badly that they would do almost anything to be there has made me consider how often I forget how lucky I am. I hope you can also take something away from the secrets I have chosen today - and of course my AI for today which is in the post below. Enjoy!

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