Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The day I went to the post office...

This is my secret for today. I am going to try and sort out the time on here because it seems to be set to American time - no guarantees though, I am almost completely computer illiterate. This secret was created by making a copy of a photo, using pva glue and teeny tiny glitter (which is now everywhere) to make a border. I then used a matching purple pen to scrawl my secret around the outside of the photo. The dashing young lady in the photo is, of course, a younger me - make special note of the fetching bowl cut I am displaying so cheerily. Anyway that is more than enough from me, enjoy!


  1. Love your blog - you're an Oxford student too! What college? We should so meet up next term...

  2. Oh, awesome. I've just finished my first year too - I'm a Geology student. Your bar is probably the best place in the world.

  3. I am an Earth Scientist! It's just a fancy pants name for a geologist. I suppose you know the 4 in our year: I'm at St Anne's. It's probably a bad idea to go chucking around full names and addresses on the Internet though.

    Good job you didn't group me with the geographers though - there'd have been hell on if you did that...


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