Thursday, 29 July 2010

The day my clock broke...

This is my favourite secret from January - I still love this secret (the way it looks and what it means) and even after a year the number of secrets I have still surprises me. Admittedly there is enough low level drama in my life to keep me going, but most of the time I have to draw on deeper, more personal secrets in order to create them. I remember when I posted this some very kind reader responded by saying it looked like a patchwork and that my blog was essentially a patchwork of secrets. That idea has stuck in my head ever since and always makes me smile when I see this AI. I love the comparison because it is so accurate. As a whole a patchwork quilt can look a bit messy, the squares don't totally go together but when you look at it closer the work that has gone into each individual piece is so very personal. Is this how you see Amelia Is... too? Enjoy!

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