Monday, 26 July 2010

The day I tried...

This is my favourite secret from October, I hope you like it. I know this may seem weird but this was one of the hardest secrets to create for me. Obviously I love my parents but this remains an unspoken thing in our family. We don't hug, kiss or express our feelings for each other in any way and really I like it that way. You may think that sounds awful but I guess it works for us. Showing my mum this secret is probably the closest I have ever got to telling her I love her - and there is something quite beautiful about that (even if it is a little bit fucked up). This secret has long been one of my favourites because although is expresses something that any reader can identify with it also taps into a feeling with is totally personal. I think children always have this feeling that they don't want to become their parents and I was probably the same. Now I think I would be extremely lucky to share any qualities with my mother. Maybe one day I will tell her some of this, but I wouldn't hold out hope. Is this an AI that you related to your own life? enjoy!

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