Friday, 23 July 2010

The day I showed you...

As part of the celebration of my year of secret I would really like to go back over some of the secrets I have made and the thought process (and creative process I guess) behind them. I have chosen a favourite secret from each month that I have been blogging - and two from July as that is when I started and finished. This is my favourite secret from the first month I started last year. This secret was created by using a beautiful postcard from the V & A that I had been keeping for ages and had not really found a use for. This secret may be a year old but the message is still true to how I feel now - a very rare thing for me to find. I have always known that I want a family and for me a husband is an important part of that. It has long been a concern of mine that I won't find anybody and that my plans for a family will have to be put off. Equal with that worry is the thought that I might just settle for someone in order to have the family I want and later find that our marriage won't work. I suppose you just can't know with these things and ultimately is it really worth worrying about? Honestly...I still don't know. Enjoy!

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