Sunday, 25 July 2010

The day I watched...

This is my favourite secret from September of last year. I think this secret was popular with so many of you because of the time and effort that went into creating it. It takes about a month to press flowers and even then they can be so delicate. I really love this secret because it was one that I think so many people connected with. When I asked people to choose their favourite secret after a year of blogging an overwhelming number chose this one. I also love what it represents to me as a secret. I have been told that I come across as someone who is confident and self assured and really this couldn't be further from the truth - hopefully my secrets have shown you that. To admit that you are not as strong as people think you are is really difficult...especially when you are like me and don't like expressing your emotions to other people. This AI, as a result, is an extremely important one for me and hopefully one that you can still connect with. Enjoy!

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