Monday, 21 February 2011

The day I saved your life...

I don't know why the theme this week on postsecret was libraries, but I liked it. The library is one of my favourite places to seek solace. Studying on Oxford there are some incredible libraries that honestly I could get lost in for hour upon hour. I love the smell of library books, they seem to tell so many stories. These are my two favourite postsecrets from the selection this week. I have always thought libraries were incredibly sexy places - and the film 'Loverboy' only serves to confirm this to me. On my last day in Oxford I actually made a whole load of secrets (ones I never showed you, or anyone) and deposited them in secrets places, including library books. I hope someone found them, I hope they took something from them, I hope the poems I love could have saved them in the same way they saved me.

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  1. Dear Amelia,

    wow that sounds like an awesome idea :) to make someone smile one day

    i remember during elementary my friends would love to hang out in the library during lunch time (after we have eaten ofcourse)

    but we werent there to read books..

    we were there to search for books that has written messages in them. lol

    they were vandalisms i know but they were funny coz they make you go to this page and then next page and have lame jokes...

    we were shallow back then. hey we were in elementary.. lol



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