Sunday, 27 February 2011

The day I was kitten as a cat...

I am still crazy busy at the moment - balancing university and two jobs is hectic but I love always having something to do. These are my favourite postsecrets from the selection this week, go and have a look for yourself. The first one is not something I agree with, or (obviously) a secret of my own. I believe marriage is sacred, I can't imagine marrying having even the slightest sliver of doubt that it wasn't the right thing. I understand that you can't always control what happens in life, and often people can grow apart - but I wouldn't enter into something so important if I didn't believe in the relationship entirely. The second secret represents my how I feel a large amount of the time. I worry that I might just get everything I want and still I won't be totally happy. In fact I believe that will be the case, because when are we ever totally happy? I don't see it as a bad thing anymore though, because the bad times and the unhappiness I have suffered through have made me a a stronger person.


  1. hi amelia!!!

    ive been following your blog since last year but then i went missing in the blogging world for quite some time.. good thing i found you again.

    i missed your secrets! :))



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