Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The day I started to wake up...

I am back. I would go into details about why I've been so silent for the last few weeks but it isn't blogworthy or worthy of me giving any more thought to. So instead let me tell you all the good things that have been happening (here is my top five):

1. I have been awarded a scholarship for my teaching course.
2. I have started the process of becoming a volunteer with the Samaritans.
3. I have my very own signed photo of Katie Price.
4. I start my first school placement in January at Ewell Castle School.
5. I have, after many years of resisting, finally indulged my love for leopard print.

To those of you who only know me via the world of blogging some of those things won't make any sense to you - trust me that they are all very exciting developments. I am sorry to have not kept up with comments, thank you all for your kind words. Care to tell me your good news in five easily digestible points?


  1. Haha, I'll try and think of five...

    1. I am home from Oxford (and knackered)
    2. Given up on out secret boy - just too much work!
    3. Painted my bedroom white
    4. Flat broke
    5. Pretty boring life at the mo, I think!

  2. I am so happy that the teaching is going so well for you :)

    1) I have one week left before the end of term.
    2) I love teaching and I've recieved lots of praise for it.
    3) Your comment made my crap day a happy one :)
    4) I only have one half day of teaching next week.
    5) I cant wait for lie ins and days of nothingness :)


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